inHUMAN // Paweł Bogumił

Opening: 29.04.2017, 18:00

Galeria Pauza, ul. Stolarska 5/4
Tue–Sat: 13:00–19:00

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Paweł Bogumił's series of black and white portraits entitled inHUMAN is not just a presentation of a whole range of extraordinary emotions and social attitudes shown by apes, but it's also a reflection on their humanity and the line between the world of humans and animals.

While visiting more than fifteen zoos in Europe, the photographer documented the particular grimaces, gestures, and emotions of apes – anger, fear, boredom, joy, as well as ambiguous one, which might be considered only as belonging to human.

The exhibition presented in Pauza Gallery consists of twenty-seven photos selected from the inHUMAN series. To create this unique cycle of black and white images Paweł Bogumił had to elaborate a method of shooting – because of safety considerations – through European zoo's grating. Through the intentional use of the black background effect, the photographer deprived portraits of the context of place. Thereby the author precludes the viewer from placing apes in a particular space while focusing all his attention on the most important topic of the cycle – humanity.