Tworzywo Cafe, Pl. Bohaterów Getta 2/1
12:00 – 23:00

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1708ST working group is a photographic manufacture aiming at producing as many as possible valuable photographs devoted to the street, for there isn't a more democratic space. There, for a moment, we distance ourserves from our family, our own obsessions, our often tangled up past. Each outing is a separate fight. Eight names, eight individualities, a common denominator – the street, its dark and bright sides, a background of stories about fate. Here, all protagonists in a photo play roles in the spectacle of life – grotesque, slice of life, romantic, moving, dark. The group's task is to document it without compromising their own spirit.

Authors: Jakub Baczyński, Mirosław Górski, Mariusz Klunder, Mateusz Maliszewski, Grzegorz Milewski, Jacek Szlak, Karina Wisz, Jarosław Wiśniewski