Nuremberg House Gallery, ul. Skałeczna 2
MON-FRI 11:00–16:00, CLOSED 30.05

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Artists: SPACE Start Collective (Katarzyna Godyń-Skoczylas, Małgorzata Kaczmarska) and Sebastian Autenrieth
Curators: Renata Kopyto, SPACE Start Collective

Vigilance is attention; it is a unique perception of time and space. Vigilance accompanies discovering, looking for what is hidden, not exposed to the public eye. Vigilance is the ability to recognize what will come and what will pass; it is the readiness to deconstruct.

The exhibition by the SPACE Start Collective (Katarzyna Godyń-Skoczylas, Małgorzata Kaczmarska), to which the photographer Sebastian Autenrieth from Nuremberg was invited, is the result of a conscious study of infiltrating the existing reality. By collecting various visual testimonies of the coexistence of nature and human beings, the artists do not ignore anything in this process, and neither do they apply any preliminary filters or pre-selection. Instead, they explore their artistic dimension and check how these explorations fit into everyday concepts and where the dividing line between them lies. The presentation of the material collected in this creative process is divided into related parts. The first two parts evoke the artist’s attention to his surroundings, while reflecting on the urbanised and the natural landscape. The resulting works show situations and images perceived by the artist, but the choice of the presentation opens up space for the viewer to their own deliberations. The third part of the exhibition refers to organic forms, which are both a product of nature and human beings. The artist’s watchful eye sees their surprising forms and unobvious similarities. The images, juxtaposed in an unexpected way, attract the viewer’s attention and give him a new look at the familiar reality of everyday life. While watching the exhibition – and following the idea of its creators – the viewer is subjected to a kind of experiment. Entering the exhibition, the viewer experiences arousing various senses. Further, the viewer has been involved in the intellectual process accompanying the exhibition and his vigilant attitude will be conducive to deepening cognitive qualities.

SPACE Start Collective

SPACE Start is two artists from Kraków – Katarzyna Godyń-Skoczylas and Małgorzata Kaczmarska. The collective was formed to implement artistic projects through social media. Exploring the unique possibilities of virtual technology, within the framework of an open Internet profile, the artists explore possible transformations in the concept of artwork, and the power of attraction of an artistic proposal in the social media environment. SPACE Start works on each project with different artists or creative minds. Collective projects are realized in a virtual space through Instagram. The technique of the works results from the nature of the communication platform and consists of mainly visual works: photography, video and animation. At the same time, all materials created in connection with the project are forming a set that can be presented in a real exhibition space.

Sebastian Autenrieth creates conceptual visual languages, looking for new possibilities in the field of photography. He finds inspiration in cultural projects as well as conceptual works, mostly long-term. They result in both exhibitions and installations in public space. The artist focuses mainly on themes related to everyday life. He lives in the suburbs of Nuremberg, which are often featured in his work. He also observes changes in nature under human influence. Fragments of deserted landscape are linked in a motionless and rhythmic way so that they seem to transform into one plane of colour or line. Another characteristic of his work lies in seemingly abstract photographs, reduced to a very limited colour palette and based on specific objects and processes to which they are subjected. In this case, the artist does not aim at portraying reality objectively, but surprises the viewer with its illusory image.