Wojewódzka Biblioteka Publiczna w Krakowie, ul. Rajska 1
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The idea of ​​the project was born from the need to share emotions and experience together what happened so unexpectedly in our lives. Suddenly the world will turn upside down and we have to live in a completely different reality - during a pandemic. We got stuck in homes, we lost our sense of security and freedom, but we gained ... time. A time of reflection. It's time to ask yourself many questions and think over many difficult topics, which normally doesn't have much space during routine everyday activities. So we invite you to a vivisection of the world, to rediscover it, this time from a completely different perspective. Let's look at him from a distance, see his absurdities, black sides, but also what we longed for locked in the proverbial four walls of our houses - its beauty. Our photographs show what touch us in this difficult time, which caused fear, anger, sadness, but also gave hope. We show the world of our emotions. We try as Edward Steichen use photography to "explain man to man."
Ania Moryś

The isolation has led us to re-evaluate our priorities. It turned out that what we considered to be routine elements of our everyday lives: work, education, no longer set the rhythm of the day. We wonder what is really important to us. Even if we don't fully admit it, it shocked us so much that we began to think about how we function every day. What do we devote our time to? How we relate to each other. It turned out that we are all connected. We must take care of our health so as not to endanger others. The present world asks us more questions than it gives answers. How much longer will this last? What will our reality look like when everything returns to normal? What will we consider as the norm? How many important issues will cease to matter? Looking at the times in which we live we are looking for answers.
Aga Świat