Scars - healed and healing places


Ogród kampusu Politechniki Krakowskiej, ul Warszawska 24, Kraków 31-155
PON-PIĄ: 8:00-16:00

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Imperfections, scars and traces are a story of difficult situations when there is a break in continuity. The effect of healing is the development of new immunity, readaptation ...
The imperfect perfection of this process is close to the assumptions of Japanese kintsugi, the philosophy of resilience, indicating that the new form created under the influence of impact, shock, has an extraordinary strength born from fragility (…)
Kintsugi also directs our attention to objects, places that, strained by the action of time, can be neglected, and extracting their unique charm requires a deeper look, reflection and acceptance.
The project is the author's search for traces of time and healing scars, imperfections, in dialogue with context and space, with history and modernity, based on the exchange and complementarity of the experiences of its authors.

Authors : Katarzyna Łakomy, Marzena Tomasiak
Curator : Zbigniew Pozarzycki